16 of the Best Financial Podcasts to Learn About Money

Open your eyes and your ears to the best financial podcasts in 2021. Turn up the volume and let's get started. 

You can find podcasts on Google or in your Android or Apple podcasts app. Many also stream to YouTube.

The mission is to help you realize your growth potential regardless of your income. It's all about financial independence.

1. Average Joe Finances

Hosted by Larry Sprung, this podcast talks about mindsets: financial, money, and recreational. 

2. Mitlin Money Mindset

A classic podcast on topics such as investing, side hustles, FIRE, mindsets, and lifestyles.

3. Joney Talks

This podcast is dedicated to house hacking. Learn about real estate and more with this enjoyable show.

4. The House Hacking Podcast

With host Taylor Schulte, a San Diego financial advisors, you'll learn about retirement, insurance, pensions, social security, and more. 

5. Stay Wealthy

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