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10 Easy Ways to Earn Free Crypto To Try It Out

Investing in the cryptocurrency market is an easy way to stake your claim in the future of the financial system. Pundits such as Raoul Pal, once a hedge fund manager at Goldman Sachs, say that the crypto market could rise from its current $1.3 trillion valuation to a $250 trillion market cap by 2030. 

This level of growth will scale the sector’s liquidity to that of global real estate, which currently has a $280 trillion valuation. You can earn free crypto using the processes below and cash in on this opportunity. 

Use your free digital currencies as an entryway to passive income generation opportunities in the digital currency world and earn more free crypto assets. That said, there is no free lunch in the world of finance. 

You will need to invest your time to earn free digital currencies. Below are ways to make free crypto in the volatile world of digital currencies. 

How to earn free crypto

1. Crypto Airdrops

In September 2020, Christmas came early for the users of the Ethereum network’s most prolific decentralized exchange (DeX). To decentralize itself, the Uniswap team decided to airdrop 150 million UNI tokens to wallets that had previously interacted with the exchange. 

The UNI airdrop recipients would then leverage these tokens as votes in Uniswap’s governance processes. As a result, every wallet that had used the DeX could claim upwards of 400 UNI, worth at least $1000 on issue. Afterward, UNI token values would rise from lows of $5 to an all-time high of $43 by April 2021.  

A crypto airdrop is one of the digital currency sector’s most popular marketing tactics. Airdrops are newly minted cryptocurrencies that project teams give to their target users. Projects use airdrops to build robust and loyal communities and drive platform use case awareness. You can access free airdrop tokens amongst new projects that want to bootstrap their project. 

Projects that want to give their token’s early value before exchange trading also leverage airdrop processes. Projects that plan to airdrop their tokens will make announcements on their social media pages, websites, and airdrop tracker sites such as airdrops.io and airdrop alert

They are often conditions for receiving free airdrop tokens. As is the case of the UNI airdrop, you will only receive some airdrop tokens if you partake of the platform’s activities or hold a particular number of legible tokens in your wallet. 

To illustrate this point, BitTorrent began to issue free BTT tokens to TRON (TRX) holders in February 2019. A 100 BTT trove incentivized TRX holders till mid-2020, when the BitTorrent changed airdrop tact, reserving 74 billion BTT for community rewards. 

Then, you could partake of forked airdrops and receive new tokens when a blockchain splits into two. The 2017 Bitcoin Cash hard fork, for instance, gave bitcoin holders 1 BCH for every BTC they had at the moment of the hard fork snapshot. 

Bounty airdrops are the easiest way to earn free crypto. Complete a social task such as joining a platform Discord server or Telegram group and earn your tokens. 

 Airdrops, however, are very risky. You might get your tokens out of thin air, but you could expose your private to data scammers if you share your data to access free tokens. 

Second, you could waste a lot of time on applying for an airdrop and meeting its eligibility and receive worthless tokens or receive none at all. Never participate in an airdrop if the development team asks for payment. 

Do not share your crypto asset private key as well. Never give away your regular email address to avoid unsolicited emails and scammers. Instead, create new email addresses for each airdrop use. Additionally, enhance your safety by creating a new Ethereum wallet address to receive your free tokens. 

2. Sign up, Referral Bonuses, and Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for high-quality but free digital currencies, try out the major cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, sign up, or trade giveaways. As an illustration, the Nexo trading platform gives first-time traders a $150 BTC bonus when they make their initial $1000 top-up. 

Coinbase and Gemini exchanges give their new users $10 worth of BTC when they send $100 for crypto purchases. Binance, on the other hand, will provide you with a 10USDT cash voucher as a sign-up bonus.

Alternatively, earn free crypto from exchange referral bonuses. You earn a crypto referral bonus reward when a new crypto buyer signs up for a new account using your affiliate link. You will win coupons or free cryptocurrencies that you may use in a stipulated period. These are rewards for marketing the exchange or trading platform to new users. 

The referred party could also win some rewards. The Celsius Network, for instance, will reward new accounts that use their referrer invite codes $40 worth of BTC when they open an account and make a $400 deposit. 

If you refer your friends to Binance, you will receive 40% of their trading fees in your account as a referral bonus. Like referral programs, affiliate programs are marketing strategies that onboard new users to a platform. 

However, you need to build a strong referral platform or social network to win referral program rewards. Endorse your favorite exchange or crypto trading platform to your large audience and win referral program rewards.

You will earn a commission on each client that converts to a new user using your unique referral link. As an illustration, the Binance affiliate program will give you a 50% lifetime commission on every trade that your converted audience makes on their platform. 

The Bybit Exchange, on the other hand, has a lucrative affiliate program that will reward you with a 30% commission on the profits that Bybit makes from your client’s trades. These strategies will earn you a passive income and premium crypto assets, but you will have to put in a lot of effort to make a meaningful income. 

3. Bitcoin Cashback Apps

An even easier way to earn free crypto is through cashback apps. Platforms such as Lolli, CoinCorner, and the FoldApp have loyalty programs that give you small amounts of BTC when you use their apps or browser extensions to make your regular purchases. 

Lolli, for instance, gives its US users a 30% cashback in BTC or fiat when they shop at stores such as Sephora, Lowe’s, Microsoft, or eBay. CoinCorner rewards its UK users with a 40% cashback reward in BTC when they shop at leading UK stores. 

 CoinCorner has over 100 merchants on its list, while Lolli integrates over 1000 leading US stores. Shopping rewards are an effortless method of earning free digital currencies. This strategy is low risk and may give you medium returns for little to no effort.

4. Crypto Learn and Earn Programs

Do you know that you can earn your favorite cryptocurrencies by learning more about them on major exchanges? Yap! You can, for instance, earn free crypto by signing up on Binance and verifying your account to access their learn and earn program. Binance, for example, has a $0.5 BUSD, 18750 SHIB, and $1 XTZ course on the program. 

You can also earn at least $6 worth of cryptocurrency from the Coinbase Earn program. Other rewarding crypto Learn and Earn programs include CoinMarketCap, KuCoin, and Phemex.

5. Crypto Payments

Are you working in the gig economy and want exposure to the cryptocurrency market? Then, get paid in your favorite cryptocurrencies. Many digital merchants and workers now accept crypto payments since they are fast, straightforward, and intermediary-free. While this is not free crypto, it could be a cost-effective long-term crypto acquisition process.

6. Crypto Faucets and Micro Jobs

You can earn free crypto by completing micro tasks in crypto faucets. Faucets are micro earning sites that issue small crypto rewards to users who complete one-time or repetitive tasks. 

They function like “Pay to Click” websites that make money on ad sales. Crypto faucets offer minimal returns for high effort, but they are low in risk. Some popular crypto faucets are freebitcoin and faucetcrypto.com.

7. Proof of Work (PoW) Mining

If you are looking for financial freedom and have adequate capital, you can become part of the BTC mining network. Bitcoin miners earn fresh BTC as a reward for keeping the network secure. In the past, crypto fans could mine bitcoin using a regular laptop. 

Over time, the Bitcoin mining algorithm has become more complex. A miner now needs a high-end mining rig to mine BTC. Consequently, BTC mining to earn free crypto is capital intensive and only advisable for crypto fans with blockchain technical skills. 

Other Proof of Work networks such RavenCoin, Monero (XMR), LiteCoin (LTC), and Ethereum Classic (ETC) have lower mining hardware requirements.

You can also join cloud mining networks and pool your mining computing power with other miners and share mining rewards. Alternatively, run a  Lightning Network node and earn fees when verifying transactions on BTC payment channels. 

A Lightning Node is a profitable passive income generation strategy that will scale as people embrace BTC payments in the future.

8. Gaming

Blockchain play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity, Plant Vs. Undead incentivizes players using cryptocurrencies. In addition, they have in-game crypto-assets that support micropayment purchases and the trade of in-game assets. 

While Axie Infinity players do require an initial crypto investment to play, Plant Vs. Undead starts as a free-to-play game. As an illustration, you can earn Plant Vs. Undead’s native token, Light Energy (LE), from gameplay. Trade Plant Vs. Undead’s NFTs at the NFT marketplaces and earn premium tokens like BNB.

9. Crypto Interest and Savings Accounts

A wide range of centralized platforms or businesses offers interest on cryptocurrency deposits. If you, for instance, are a holder, you can earn passive income from your investment by depositing it in a BlockFi, Nexo, Crypto.com, or Hodlnaut account. As a result, you could make an average 4% to 12% annual yield rate on your BTC holdings.

Decentralization maximalists can earn free crypto on automated market maker platforms such as Uniswap. Deposit your idle crypto assets in their liquidity pools and earn yield. 

Alternatively, join the specialized lending and borrowing protocols such as Compound or Aave and lend your crypto assets to borrowers for passive gain. Additionally, you can earn free crypto from decentralized protocols through staking, liquidity mining, and yield farming processes.

10. Credit Card Rewards 

Most cryptocurrency interest and savings accounts offer their users crypto credit cards with rewards. For instance, the BlockFi Rewards Visa® card rewards its users with a 1.5% cashback in crypto on purchase. 

That said, fintech such as Venmo and SoFi now issue crypto credit cards. The Venmo credit card will give a 3% cashback on its top spend category, while the SoFi card has a 2% cashback on purchases.

Crypto Investment Risks

The cryptocurrency world is transitioning from its undercard days and has become the main event for many investors. Loads of retail investors are piling into the market and enjoying good returns despite the grim atmosphere caused by the recent events in the Terra universe. 

As the ongoing plummet tests the hype-driven sector’s tenacity, new investors can test the waters by finding ways to earn free crypto. Earn free crypto and learn of this asset class’s value and utility without spending too much capital on the initial investment. 

This is because while this sector is highly rewarding, it is also highly risky. Some of its prominent risks include;

  • Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile.
  • Their prices ebb and flow, often crashing without warning. As an illustration, BTC prices plunged by 9% on May 12, 2022, after the Terra protocol event, which wiped out $600 billion worth of liquidity from the crypto market.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not regulated.
  • For instance, Luna and Terra (UST) holders may receive little or no compensation when UST loses its peg to the dollar leading to a bank run event.
  • You can easily lose your cryptocurrencies to hackers if you do not protect your private keys. 
  • Do not leave your crypto assets’ private keys on exchanges or hot wallets. Please do not send them to any entity or person. Instead, deposit them in cold wallets for protection.
  • Events such as hard forks, regulation, loss of confidence, or underperforming blockchain protocols could dilute the value of a cryptocurrency.
  • Do your intensive research before investing in cryptocurrencies. Keep an eagle eye on market events after purchase to monitor the payout and avoid losing your capital to adverse events.


There you have it. Easy ways to get paid for free crypto and generate passive income from your investments to make money. Give them a try and start your journey to financial freedom with a new cryptocurrency wallet.

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