Wholesale Real Estate: What You Need to Know To Make Money in 2022

Real estate investing comes in many different ways. Wholesale real estate allows investors to buy and sell property without owning it. Wholesalers negotiate the sale for investors to flip later.

Is there a double closing?

Typically the title company will wait until everything is signed and funded to execute both closings. The wholesaler gives their interest to the end buyer with an assignment model.

What are the problems with wholesaling?

The wholesaler must accurately determine the estimated rehab costs to determine the property's value. They also don't hold the properties. However, it can be a lucrative way to build wealth.

What are the skills for wholesaling?

You'll need a basic understanding of real estate to get into wholesaling. Having a big picture mindset will help negotiate with sellers.

How to get started?

You'll start by marketing to home sellers. Then build a buyers list. Your job is to match properties to investors. You'll need to network at local meetups and social media outlets.

What is wholetailing?

Wholetailing is a play on words. It's wholesaling and retailing. It involves the purchase of distressed properties that the investor takes to the retail pool after cleaning it up.

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