What’s the Difference Between Envy vs. Jealousy (And How to Overcome It)

Envy and jealousy can be destructive. It can prevent us from being happy.  However, we can overcome it.  Keep reading to understand how we can use them to our advantage.

Cultivate a sense of gratitude by noticing what you have and appreciating it. 

Practice mindfulness to take time to focus on the goodness in your life. You'll start to appreciate what you have when you notice how much more you have than those around.

1. Mindfulness

Feeling envious gives your power of focus to things you cannot control.  Don't give up your control by focusing on other things and people.

2. Don't lose your sense of control

It's easy to live in a state of anxiety when you can't control things.  Taking control will help you reduce anxiety. Focus on what you can control and the rest will come.

3. Reduce Anxiety by Taking Control

Sometimes you can take your feelings of envy and jealousy and use them to create positive actions. Use those emotions to work on yourself to emulate qualities  you want.

4. Harness energy from envy and jealousy

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