What Is Investing? Real Talk For Real People.

What is investing? It’s a question that most people don’t fully understand.  It appears like a simple action. When in reality, it’s quite complex.

It goes beyond the exchange of money. It’s more than brokers, sellers, and buyers. Investing extends across many different marketplaces. Keep reading to learn more.

The simple definition of investing is the act of using money to purchase an asset that is expected to generate a profit later.

What is investing?

The modern investment structure dates back to the 1600s with the Amsterdam Stock Exchange founded in 1602. Capitalism has long relied on investors to fund growth and innovation.

History of Investing

Investing begins with sellers, selling a piece of the company for a certain price to a given investor (the buyer). For every seller, there has to be a buyer. Most transactions are electronic and recorded on a ledger that is managed by a brokerage or a private institution.

How does investing work?

It's basically anything you want to invest in. Everything from stocks, retirement accounts, bonds, real estate, commodities, cryptocurrency, NFTs, businesses, and more.

What are some types of investments?

You can invest via online brokers like TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, M1Finance, or via crowdfunding like CrowdStreet. You'll find art investors and wine investors along with many through a quick google search.

Where can I invest?

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