What is a Paradigm? Can it change your life?

Paradigm. Sounds like something out of this world.  It's not something you can see. But it helps us interpret our lives.  Can this word change your life? Maybe.

A paradigm is a standard, perspective, or set of ideas. It's a way of looking at something. It comes up in business and study. It's science.

The world we see today is going through a paradigm shift. We have new ways of living from changes in science that are easy to overlook. 

Paradigm and Science

Paradigm shifts have occurred in astronomy, social sciences, economic policy, world views, business models, and more. Did you know the Earth revolves around the sun?

Paradgim Shifts

What do you want to change? Try manifesting and practicing gratitude.

Paradigm changes to Change Lives

1. Working hard makes you successful. 2. Working 9-5 is normal 3. You can't change it. Just accept it.

Here are some shifts to consider changing:

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