Level Up Kid’s Social Skills: 10 Board Games Loved by Experts and Kids That Can Help

Child psychologists and pediatricians have recognized that today’s lack of play contributes to children’s overall lack of well-being. An increased focus on academic activities.

Playing develops strong social skills, which in turn gives them the best footing for learning. It’s been proven that the best predictor of academic performance in eighth grade was a child’s basic social skills in third grade.

1.Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

For five years, it’s been the best-selling preschool game for a reason. It’s easy to play. Little kids love to spin the spinner and feed their squirrel five different colored acorns.

2. Candyland

For over 70 years, this adored, easy-to-understand game set within a kids’ dreamland of candy has been a go-to for families. While it seems simple, it introduces the concept of rules, turn-taking, following directions, and winning and losing to preschool-aged kids.

3. Zingo

It’s Bingo with a Zing! Fifty million families have purchased this kid favorite, award-winning Toy of the Year. Slide the zinger, make a visual match, and fill your picture bingo card to win!

4. Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

If you want to introduce your young child to the fun of board games but they are still getting used to losing, this game is for you. While the game’s goal is to move your piece through the board, no one wins until everyone gets to the end.

5. Ticket to Ride

This award-winning board game is so popular that they released a Juniors version so younger kids can get in on the fun. If your train-loving toddler is now older, give this beloved cross-country train adventure board game a try! 

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