Under Armour Enters Metaverse With NBA Star-Studded Digital Sneaker

The NFTs are “digital replicas of the game-day shoe Curry was wearing when he broke the record — the Genesis Curry Flow,” according to Under Armour in the announcement. One can be yours for $333.00.

Digital Sneaker Functionality

So what can token-holders do with their nifty metaverse NFTs? That’s the million dollar question. Non-fungible tokens are often used as avatars and can be viewed as a status symbol on social media platforms.

Slam Dunk

Steph Curry has already dabbled in NFTs, plunking down $180,000, or 55 ETH, earlier this year for one of the most popular digital collections out there, the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Curry has since placed the Bored Ape with zombie-like features wearing a tweed suit as his profile picture on Twitter.

NFT Rabbit Hole

Under Armour is the latest in a wave of projects and companies, both traditional and those native to the blockchain, to fan the NFT flame. On the native side, MetaMask, a crypto wallet and bridge to decentralized applications (Dapps) on the blockchain, is also planting its NFT flag.

Space Age

Big Time Studios is a project founded by Ari Meilich, who is also Decentraland’s former project lead. Big Time is launching a SPACE NFT collection for its space travel game today. The NFTs, of which there are 60,000, are being sold in an auction.

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