Tips for Selling a House As Is

Homeowners are eager to sell their property. And most want to save time and money by selling the home "as is." But there's more to as is...

Selling a home as is allows you to avoid renovations, but you'll still need to make legal repairs. So checkout this story for more on the pros and cons of selling a house as is.

1. Use a real estate agent

Yes, a real estate agent will cost 5-6% of the home's final sale price. But it's worth it. They know the area and can help you list the home with a reasonable price that will attract buyers.

2. Declutter

Potential buyers are not expecting a home to be sold "as is" to look spectacular. But it needs to look well maintained. Pick up the stuff on the floors, make the beds, and keep the yard looking good.

3. Do a home inspection

There are some mandatory repairs that a homeowner will need to make to be compliant with local and state laws. Get the home inspection before you list so you know if you can sell it "as is."

4. Make sure your property meets the bare minimum for lenders

Most buyers will need to obtain a mortage to buy your house. You'll need to make sure your home is up to code for lenders to loan money to a buyer.

5. Don't sell yourself short

So you want to sell your house at the bottom end of its worth. That doesn't mean you have to settle for the absolute minimum. Set a price that you're willing to walk away from offers and try proposing counteroffers.

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