Tips for Selling a House As Is

Homeowners are looking to take advantage of today's hot seller's market. Selling a home "as is" means the seller will not make repairs before the deal is closed. Here are some tips for selling a house "as is."

1. Use a real estate agent

Just because you're selling the home "as is" doesn't mean you don't need help to get it sold. Use a good real estate agent to list the home and gain insight into the market.

2. Declutter

You want the house to look its best to improve your chances of attracting good offers. Maintain the lawn, clean surfaces, make the beds, wash the dishes, and tidying up will help.

3. Home Inspection

You need a home inspection to determine the property's condition and the type of maintenance that is needed. Even though you're selling the home "as is" there may be items that you'll need to be compliant in order to make the sale.

4. Meet bare minimums for lenders

The house must be livable for buyers to get a loan. If you don't fix the bare minimums, the bank might not lend to your buyer.

5. Don't sell yourself short

Just because you're selling "as is" doesn't mean you have to get an unreasonable price. Set your minimum price and be prepared to walk away from offers that don't meet your goals.

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