This Is How You Get Paid to Travel

Traveling can be so expensive that it seems out of reach. But it doesn't have to be. There are a few ways you can get paid to travel. 

You can get paid to travel for work or a new side hustle. Here are all the options you have to earn money and travel.

A job in the aviation industry can take you far. While the job may seem cliche for traveling, it's highly respected.  Plan your work hours and vacations accordingly for some free travel.

1. Flight Attendant or Pilot

Do you enjoy writing? Let your job take you around the world as a journalist. Go to Paris to cover Fashion Week. Go to the newest restaurants to check out trending foods. Or learn more about different cultures or nature while working and traveling.It's your choice.

2. Journalism

With a bachelor's degree in any field and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, you can travel abroad just teaching English.

3. Teaching Abroad

Travel bloggers receive sponsored trips to different places in return for a review. Travel blogging is  challenging but it's worth it.

4. Start a  Travel Blog

Do you like the idea of being a journalist but don't like writing? Photography might be the answer. Travel and sell the photos to travel for almost free.

5. Become a photographer

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