The Secret to Buying a House with Bad Credit

A low credit score doesn't always keep you from buying a home. Depending on your circumstances, you have options to overcome bad credit.

The minimum credit score you need will depend on: 1. The type of mortgage you want 2. The lender 3. Who you are

No matter what your circumstances, you have opportunities. It starts with one free quick and free phone call

The first step is talking to a HUD certified housing counselor in your area. They'll teach you about your options and help you get started.

Step One

Take a first-time homebuyer course. This 8 hour course comes with a certificate of completion. 

Step Two

Make an action plan and a budget. A home is a big purchase that requires careful consideration. What is going to work for you long-term.

Step 3

So you can buy a house with bad credit, but should you? It depends. Bad credit tends to come with higher interest rates. So you must consider your situation carefully. You may be better improving your credit and saving money. Or you may be better buying today. Only you can decide.

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