The 18 Most Profitable Passive Income Streams

Who doesn’t want an extra source of income or some extra cash to splurge here and there? Well, passive income is the best income stream that you can have. It’s cash flow without considerable effort.

1. Income From Stocks

You can make money from dividend stocks or through capital gains. Sure you have to put in a little work upfront but it's worth it when you get to sit back and watch the money come in.

2. A bond ladder

A bond ladder is an investment portfolio with multiple bonds that are going to mature at different times. As they start to mature, you reinvest the returned money and continue making passive income doing nothing.

3. Interest from income

Hopefully you're already saving your money in a high-interest savings account.  Check out peer to peer loans for more passive earning income opportunities for you.

4. REITs

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are great investments for passive income.  It's like buying commercial real estate without all the upfront capital.

5. Invest in crowdfunded real estate

Want to invest in real estate without taking out a bunch of mortgages. Look at crowdfunding opportunities through CrowdStreet, Fundrise, PeerStreet or more.

6. Income from royalties

Get paid for your intellectual property with income from royalties. Write the book once and get paid forever. 

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