Style Check: Learn About The Different Types of Investors To Set Your Investing Strategy Into Motion

In this quick story, we’re going to explore 12 different types of investors based on risk tolerance, confidence, willingness to learn, and market experience. There’s no one right answer, as it’s all about what works best for you.

1. The Active Investor

Active investors like to do their homework. They’re looking for stocks they can keep for the next 5-10 years. These investors know that failing to do the homework can result in a volatile portfolio with significant value losses.

2. The Passive Investor

Passive investors are focused on returns over the long term instead of timing the market for short-term profits. Many enjoy dollar-cost averaging in index funds, ETFs, and mutual funds.

3. The Buy and Hold Investor

This investor is similar to the passive investor but they take a slightly more active approach. Most like value companies that offer dividends.

4. The Growth Investor

Growth investors like growth. They’re focused on companies and types of investments that are expected to deliver an above-average rate of return in their industry or market.

5. The Value Investor

Value investors actively seek out stocks that they believe the market is underestimating. They’re not distracted by short-term trends or the latest meme stock.

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