Scared Money  Don’t Make Money: Moving From Scarcity to Abundance

Young Jeezy's song "scared money don't make money" was made popular once again by American football coach Billy Napier during a September 2021 game.

In the last few minutes of the first half of the game, Napier decided to skip the field goal and go for the touchdown on the fourth down. 

His call saved the game. His call was to "go big or go home." And they got it down with the touchdown.

Abundance vs scarcity mindset

Someone with a scarcity mindset is preoccupied with thoughts of lack that keep them stuck. On the other hand, someone with an abundance mentality believes the world is filled with possibilities.

How to move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset

1. Focus on what you have. 2. Practice Gratitude. 3. Affirmations

How to make your money work for you

1. Pay yourself first. 2. Grow your money. 3. Earn more.

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