Retirement Gifts for Women: Our List of the 60 Best

Retirement is emotional. For some the transition is easy. For others it's complicated. Whatever it is, we need to honor their past and focus on the next stage of life.

Your retirement gift should match their interests and your relationship with the retiree. This story is 60 of the best retirement gifts for women to celebrate their newfound freedom. 

1. Pampering gifts

It's easy to start with pampering gifts. They go a long ways. Consider a gift certificate to a spa or an appointment to get a mani-pedi. Spoil your friend with fragrant candles, wine, a book, or so many more options.

2. Travel gifts

If your friend is a travel bug, check out some travel gifts like books on big adventures, a camera, binoculars, personalized travel cases, luggage, or a bag.

3. Club Memberships

The woman who already has everything may find something new with a new subscription box membership. Look into wine clubs, spice memberships, or craft projects.

4. Hobby Gifts

The new retiree has nothing but time. It's a great opportunity to pursue a new passion. It could be painting, scrapbooking, gardening, cooking, sewing, hiking, photography. What do you think they would like to do.

5. Health and wellbeing gifts

Getting older doesn't have to feel like it. Keep your retiree physically active and mentally fit with a yoga class, meditation class, personal trainer, air purifier, or aromatherapy diffuser.

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