Rent a Room in Your House: Follow These 5 Steps for Maximum Protection

Cheap mortgages have pushed corporations to invest in rental properties. As such, more people will need housing as renters. 

If you own a home and want extra money, here are 5 steps to rent a room.

1. Price your room competitively

Before listing your room for rent do your homework. Research how much money you can charge for rent.

2. Be specific in your room advertisement

A roommate should support your needs. Spell out the specific characteristics and traits that you want in a roommate.

3. Ask the right screening questions

Once the ad is in place, people will begin calling. Prepare several questions to make sure they're a good fit.

4. Have a solid rental agreement

You need to put everything in writing. Written agreements are real and tangible.

5. Treat this as a business venture

Treat your rental agreement with respect and hold the tenant to it. Don't compromise. You deserve respect.

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