Overwater Bungalows: Everything You  Need to Know

Overwater bungalows are a staple in luxury travel destinations. Few vacations can top the excitement.

What are Overwater Bungalows?

They're luxury accomodations built on stilts over water. It's basically a hotel on water with a tranquil view.

What are the benefits?

You're going to love this: unique views, plenty of space, relaxation. You'll feel like royalty because it's so lavish.

Why should I consider one?

Consider it an experience. You'll experience stunning views and amazing accommodations. You'll relax like never before.

Which hotels have Overwater Bungalows?

Currently, there are more than 225 bungalow resorts worldwide with more than 8300 overwater villas. You'll find them world-wide.

Why are they so expensive?

Well they're luxury accommodation and are priced accordingly. They're also standalone units. Pricing will also vary by season.

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