Nike Looks to Mint NFTs for Metaverse With Acquisition

It's Nike's turn. Nike has caught NFT fever. 

The athletic brand has just acquired RTFKT to mint digital sneakers for the metaverse. Nike is joining a growing list of sports brands and the NBA who don't want to be left behind in the metaverse. 

What is RTFKT?

RTFKT is an Ethereum-based project that specializes in digital fashion. It was created in early 2020 by three friends.

What does RTFKT do?

The RTFKT team collaborates with creators to make virtual sneakers and collectible exclusives. They have over $300 million in sales.

The project started after the sneaker giant launched Nikeland in partnership with Roblox to allow videogame players to adorn their avatars with Nike gear.

Who else is doing this?

Nike joins a growing list of companies in this early NFT space. Visa, the NBA, and AMC are just a few of the big names.

Where can Nike's NFT be found?

NFTs are minted on the blockchain like Ethereum. They're traded on open marketplaces like OpenSea.

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