NFT Marketplace: The 10 Best For Beginner

Are you looking to buy and sell non-fungible tokens?  These one-of-a-kind digital art pieces have disrupted markets and sold for millions.

Here are 10 NFT marketplaces to create, buy, and sell these virtual assets.

Accounts are free and you can start browsing in minutes. The platform accepts more than 150 cryptocurrencies on the Polygon blockchain. Prices are set by the owner or via auctions.

1. OpenSea

Artists and creators can sell their verified assets on the platform via an Ethereum ecosystem. Buyers will find art, collectibles, music, videos, and other item

2. Rarible

LooksRare is a solid exchange platform to buy and sell NFTs. Its simple framework offers security, scalability, and speed. The exchange forum operates like other platforms with standardized tokens with Ethereum. 

3. LooksRare

DraftKings is new to the NFT marketplace to hit the market. Users buy, sell, and trade NFTs on DraftKings. Scheduled drops get posted daily.

4. DraftKings

This platform is easy-to-use and accepts Binance or Ethereum cryptocurrencies. Users find virtual land, art, gaming items, and more for a flat 1% trading fee.

5. Binance

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