Invest Vs Pay Off Debt: What's Are You Doing?

Debt versus investing. You want to save for retirement, but it's so far away. You want to pay off debt but it's neverending.

The choice is personal. Check out this story to learn whether you should invest vs pay off debt.

It's a big decision. If you don't pay off the debt, you'll waste a lot in interest. If you don't invest, you'll miss out on  the power of compound interest.

How to Decide?

Debt is stressful. It's time to address it. Begin by examining your debt and the interest it's charging. If you get a lower return in the market, you need to pay off the debt then invest. 

The Case For Debt First

It's always a good time to invest. Especially when you'll make more in the market than paying the interest on your debt. You can make a case to invest first when the interest is low like mortgages and student loans. But the best case is to tackle both.

The Case to Invest First

1. Run The Numbers 2. Don't discount your gut feeling 3. Make a plan

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