Invest Vs Pay Off Debt: What's Going To Work For You?

As you looking o change your financial situation for the New Year. Should you pay off debt or invest? 

It's personal. Check out this story to learn more about whether you should invest vs pay off debt.

It's a big decision. If you don't pay off the debt, you'll waste a lot in interest. If you don't invest, you'll miss out on  the power of compound interest.

Where to Start

Being in debt is stressful. Examine your debt and the interest it's accumulating. If you're unlikely to get a greater return in the market, you have your case for paying off the debt.

The Case For Debt First

Time in the market is more important than how much you contribute. Think about how much compound interest you could miss out on if you only focus on paying down low-interest debt. 

The Case to Invest 

1. Run The Numbers 2. Don't discount your gut feeling 3. Make a plan

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