How to Save Money for a House: Here are 21 Effective Way Story

Real estate is expensive. In addition to a down payment, you'll need extra cash to close. You have to save. Here are 21 ways to save for a house that you can start immediately.

First, determine how much money you make and how much you're spending. Analyze all purchases over $100. Look for expenses you can trim.

1. Perform a spending habit check

When looking for a house, you need to know how much you can afford. Set a realistic goal then calculate how much you need to save. This is a minimum target.

2. Setup Savings Goal

Few people like budgets. But they help more than you can imagine. The basic budgeting principles help you cut down on spending and ramp up savings. Just stick to it!

3. Create a budget

You have to stop impulse buys. If you haven't budgeted for it, you can't buy it today. Plan for it and if you still want it, get it later. As for today, focus on saving for the house you want to buy.

4. Avoid impulse purchases

Great real estate agents will not save you money but their advice will save you time (ie. money). You'll have more information to help you make a good decision when buying a home.

5. Hire a reputable real estate agent

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