How to Ask for A Raise and Motivate Your Boss To Help You!

Let’s start by saying that asking for a raise is a perfectly normal part of business life. It’s business 101 for managers. Yet, for employees, the idea of asking and affecting the status quo of your employee/manager relationship fills many people with anxiety-inducing paralysis.

Let’s destroy the “You vs. Them” dynamic and learn how to get your manager on your side when learning how to ask for a raise.

First Things First – Prepare

If you are asking for a raise, you control when you ask. You have time on your side, so start doing your research and build your confidence.

Know Your Worth – Go through your responsibilities at work and ask can anyone else do this? Are you more uniquely qualified for essential tasks that set you apart? If they fired you tomorrow, what would it take for your employer to replace you? Take an objective look at yourself as how your employer sees you.

Create A List Of Accomplishments – Since your last raise, what have you accomplished? Did these accomplishments set you apart or go above and beyond your everyday responsibilities? Having this list of achievements could be key talking points

Use The Internet To Find Similar Salaries – Sites like Glassdoor and popular job boards regularly post salaries of similar positions in other companies. This easily accessible information can be a huge talking point in meeting with your manager.

The Best Time To Ask For A Raise

Annual performance reviews and raises are ordinary meetings. If that’s not normal for your company, you should set up a yearly review with your manager to get feedback and create a forum for these discussions.

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