How Using the Growth Mindset Can Grow Your Money

Imagine a world where there was a recipe you could follow to get rich. What ingredients do you think would feature in it? A high-paying job? A diversified investment portfolio? Disciplined saving?

While you’ll never be able to think your way to a million bucks, your beliefs about what it takes to succeed. Let's define a growth mindset and leverage its money-making potential.

What is a growth mindset?

With a growth mindset, you believe your talents, skills, abilities, intelligence, and character can make anything happen..

How do you embrace a growth mindset?

It's simple. Get rid of the word can't, replace failing with learning, and embrace your weaknesses. Remember your brain is plastic and can be changed throughout life.

How do you use a growth mindset?

Leverage your growth mindset to take action, embrace struggle, learn, and get help. You can do anything.

Why do some people succeed?

Success is defined by the user. Some are crippled by failure and chance. Others take it in stride and rebound. What are you going to do?

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