Got Her Own Money. Investors Make The  Best Friends.

Got her own money. Her own car. Her own house. And multiple streams of income. What can I say? Investors make the best friends.

Even if they’re a work in progress, a real investor who believes in what their doing, focuses on the long-term to build wealth over riches, and helps others is on the path to success.

If we're the sum of the five people we spend the most time with, I think having an investor or two on your team is a winning strategy.

Now let's talk about the reasons investors make the best friends.

1. They're different

Only 56% of people invest in stocks. That number goes down to 24% for households with a median income less than $40K. Investors have unique perspectives on the economy and finances.

2. They're Passionate

Get an investor talking about their portfolio and you'll see passion at its finest. They use passion to drive their lives.

3. They're Interesting

With the market roller coaster, every investor has a story to tell. It's exciting and emotional. Pull a chair and listen closely.

4. They understand life's ups and downs.

Well ups and downs are the foundation of an investor's life. They'll understand what you're going through.

5. They Know That Nothing Is Perfect

The market has taught investors that nothing is perfect. So they'll be there to support you and talk to you.

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