Get the 12 Best 5G Stocks for 2022

If you are following the adoption of 5G also known as fifth-generation wireless technology, you could be wondering if now is a good time to start investing and what the best 5G stocks to buy are.

This story will highlight 12 5G stocks to buy for 2022. Let's go!

1. Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM)

The company continues to make money from selling more 5G chips, and much of the $9.3 billion reported revenue, much of this is down to smartphones sales. If you believe 5G will be a profitable business, the success of Qualcomm is almost inevitable.


Nvidia creates chips and graphic cards, both of which will be essential for powering 5G networks and keeping them running fast. It's quickly exceeding expectations.

3. Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC)

Nvidia and Ericsson have partnered to bring greater efficiency through building efficient radio access networks for 5G. If you’re convinced Nvidia will be successful, chances are you’re also willing to bet on this stock.

4. Ciena (NYSE: CIEN)

Ciena is another telecommunications equipment provider. It helps companies set up their optical fiber networks; essential equipment for 5G since they provide unlimited bandwidth.

5. Nokia (HEL: NOKIA)

Although Nokia might not be the popular phone manufacturer it once was, it remains a major supplier of infrastructure equipment to wireless companies. The company is worth around $24 billion — not exactly small fry.

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