9 Bad Financial Habits that Keep You Broke

Identifying these bad financial habits will help you develop a strong powerful financial mindset where you are in control of your money and you do not behave like a broke person with poor financial habits.

You don’t budget (on a regular basis)

Yep, I know you hear this one all the time. But that’s how important it is. The worst of the financial habits that keeps you broke is not budgeting. You have to have a budget. Even if it is a no budget.

You like to buy stuff instead of invest

Prioritizing investing in your budget is guaranteed to make sure that you are investing more than you are buying. If you are someone who is not investing, you will continue to feel broke for most of your life.

You are always keeping up with the Joneses

Ultimately keeping up with the Joneses doesn’t just keep you broke, it creates a lot of anxiety and perhaps some unrealistic expectations. Buying things you know you cannot afford doesn’t make you feel good or make you happy. 

You spend your raises

Ahhh don’t we all love getting raises. Part of the reason we love getting a raise, is because we need more money as inflation takes over the world a little more every year.

You don’t have an emergency fund

The emergency fund should only be used for emergencies and once you reach your goal for the fund, you do not have keep putting money in it.

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