Don’t Stress! Make a Travel Checklist  Story

Do you love traveling but hate packing? Well you're not alone. 65% of people report having a difficult time planning for trips.

One way to alleviate travel stress is to make a travel checklist. This list will ensure you pack what you need without forgetting anything.

1. Travel Documents

– Passport and other identification – Reservations: hotel, car rental, excursions – A copy of your boarding pass – either printed or saved as a photo on your cell phone – Any COVID-related documentation (test results, immunization card, etc.) – Map or guidebook – Your itinerary

2. Clothing

Pack casual outfits, swimwear, underwear, delicates, shoes, sandals, hats, and other specific clothing you might need.

3. Toiletries & Medications

Pack toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. Don't forget hair styling tools and supplies. Bring along moisturizers, razors, and all of the medications you may need.

4. Travel essentials

Don't forget credit and debt cards. Phone chargers. Travel adaptors. And something for your dirty clothes.

5. Entertainment

Don't forget to pack everything you need to stay connected (if you want). Think about your computer, books, paper, games, earbuds, and more.

TAP THE LINK BELOW FOR all of the items you need for your travel checklist!