Bitcoin Pay in Spotlight Amid Crypto Market Downdraft

Bitcoin prices are down but that's not stopping high-profile athletes from taking their pay in Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin price is down nearly 50% check out this story on bitcoin pay amid a downed market.

Crypto Pay

Crypto enthusiasts still see the glass as half full. Professional athletes are commanding 7-digit salaries in Bitcoin instead of cash. Bitcoin fever is on fire.

Francis Ngannu

Francis retained his heavyweight title in UFC 270. Now the fighter has agreed to be paid 50% of his UFC earnings in Bitcoin, despite it's value being cut in half.

Odell Beckham Jr.

The popular NFL wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams told us in November that he would be taking his $750,000 guaranteed paid worth up to $4.25 million in Bitcoin. His salary was cut in half because of the downturn in Bitcoin price., but it's not stopping him from more crypto investments.

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