8 Extra things to budget for your BEST lifestyle

Sure you need to budget for housing, electricity, transportation, and food. But you need a few  enjoyable extras too. 

It's not a bad thing to want nice things in life. Check out this list of 8 extra things for your budget to fit your  best lifestyle. 

1. Book Allowance

Do you enjoy reading? Plan to buy a book every month or every other month. Plan for what works for you.

2. Vacations

Start a vacation fund to take the vacation of your dreams. When you plan, there's less stress and more enjoyment.

3. Gym memberships

Do you enjoy working out? There's nothing wrong with spending money at the gym every month.

4. Eating out

You can indulge in eating out. Just put it in the budget. You can even think of it as investing in yourself.

5. Entertainment

While some say entertainment is a luxury, I say it's a necessity. You have to enjoy yourself. Just plan for it with a budget.

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