8 Extra Things to Budget for Your Best Lifestyle

Like it or not, we have to have money. We need it for housing, electricity, transportation, and food. All the necessities in life. But we also need it for some enjoyable extras. And it’s not a bad thing to want nice things in life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a few extras.

I have to have a book allowance.

It might seem odd to start with retirement when you’re just starting on your career journey or only have a weekend job, but this is a valuable tax deduction for students in the long-run.

I have to budget for vacations

After a year of COVID-19, I think we could all use a little vacation. Everyone could use a vacation fund. I like to keep my vacation money separate from my normal checking account and my emergency fund.

Gym membership are a necessity to me

I love working out. As someone who is on the short side and curvy, I have to work out to prevent gaining weight in all the wrong places. But not only that, working out makes me feel better. I really enjoy it. It improves my quality of life.

Yep, I want to eat out

Since I am an introvert, happy hour allows me to go out, but still return home at a decent time to recharge. And it was one amazing happy hour where I was turned on to investing and I haven’t looked back.

Entertainment matters

While many people would say entertainment is a luxury, it’s a necessity for me. I have gotten to where I only plan some form of entertainment certain times of the year, but I always keep it on my budget.

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