7 Must Have Financial Goals for 2022

It's that time of the year. The New Year is right around  the corner.  It's time to make sure your finances are on point and reflect upon what you need to do for 2022. 

A tight deadline doesn't mean you can't accomplish your goals.  Here are 7 financial goals to work on today. This story has you covered with 12 tips to start saving now.

Up first: Take a look at your finances over the past 3 years. How much are you spending every month? Can you start a realistic budget that includes a plan to invest and save?

1. Track Your Expenses Regularly

Next let's work on your spending habits. Where can you cut some hidden fees or unnecessary spending?  Maybe it's a different bank account or getting rid of a few subscriptions. Be creative!

2. Crack down on hidden fees and unnecessary spending

It's never too early to start planning for a work optional retirement. That way you control your time. I have a retirement calculator in the article, check it out.

3. Set up or Increase Your Retirement Contributions

The average American has over $90K in debt. That's stressful. Make a plan to pay off your debt for 2022. 

4. Tackle Any Debt You Have

Just because you're paying off debt and saving more, doesn't mean you can buy anything. Make a plan for it and stick to your budget.

5. Make a Plan for Any Big 2022 Purchases

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