3 Simple Budgets (Including a list of Pros and Cons)

Let’s face it – everyone needs a budget.  New budgeters often hate the idea of having to budget. It can feel like pulling teeth (minus the dentist). It’s usually time-intensive and can be anxiety-provoking.

Well, I’m here to tell you there are 3 simple budgets for people who don’t necessarily like budgeting: the anti-budget budget, the 50-30-20 budget, and the zero-based budget.

This Anti-Budget budget is best for people who don’t like budgets and have a fixed set of bills.

1. Anti-Budget budget

This budget offers the most accurate estimate of what is coming in and what is going out. It accounts for every dollar. It helps to prevent overspending.

2. Zero-based Budget

There are three simple steps to this budget: 50% of your after-tax income is spent on needs (anything you have to pay for), 30% on wants (because you have to have some fun in life), and 20% on savings and investing.

3. 50-30-20 budget

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