15 Investing Strategies Every Buy-And-Hold Investor Needs To Know

Investing isn't hard. It's as easy as opening an app on your phone. But you need a plan. Balance and a strategy will go far with your investment strategy.

Keep reading to learn bout 15 strategies to develop your investing strategy.

Invest Early

Early is relative. You could be 45 and as long as you start today...it's early. The earlier you start the sooner compound interest kicks in.


Passive Investing

This buy-and-hold strategy mirrors the broader market. It may seem laissez-faire but it's not. You still need to understand the underlying stocks in the fund and the fees.


Growth Investing

You've probably heard of Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Google...these are growth companies. Are growth companies part of your investing strategy?


Dividend Investing

Buying stocks that pay dividends is passive income. Imagine making money just because you own a stock? How many dividend stocks do you want in your portfolio?


Small-cap Investing

Feeling a little risky? Learn more about small-cap investing. Some of these small companies will be the next trillion dollar publicly traded company. Just be sure to do your research.


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