12 Ways to Save Money For Christmas

Are you scrambling to get money together for Christmas gifts every year? Well look no further, this article has you covered with 12 tips to start saving now.

A tight deadline doesn't mean you can't accomplish your goals.  Maybe you have to sell some stuff, find a seasonal job, or start a side hustle.

Sounds cliche...but you knew it was coming. You need a budget. How much do you want to spend this year? It's OK. Now let's make a plan to reach that goal.

1. Budget

Have you tried skipping happy hour or not eating out for a week? You probably saved a little money.  Give it a try to save some money for Christmas. Start a 7 day no spend challenge today!

2. Savings Challenge

If you're budget is stretched to the max, look for a second job. Some of the seasonal jobs pay more and you can quit after the new year. Can't hurt to try.

3. Get a second job

If you have excellent credit, try a rewards credit card. There are plenty out there with no annual fees. Just make sure you can pay it off after the holidays.

4. Take advantage of reward programs

Get paid to play video games and earn free gift cards. Also, make sure your enrolled in the online cash back programs like Ibotta and Rakuten. Lots of ways to get some money back.

5. Reward programs

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