12 Surprising Jobs That Pay Well Story

You Work Hard. You want to be compensated for it.  Keep reading to learn more about 12 surprising jobs that pay well.

Well paying jobs, pay more than average national salary in the U.S. $56,310. The pay well definition may vary by location.

Flight Attendant

By 2023 more than 20,000 flight attendants will be needed. Not only does the job come with good benefits, it has an averag salary of more than $60K.



While the average electrician salary is $56,180, the potential skyrockets to $150,000 to $200,000 in this in-demand profession.



Did you know plumbers are demand? Some plumbers make up to $200,000 because there aren't enough plumbers to go around.


Car technician

If you love tinkering with cars, becoming a car technician could bring in more than $60,000 in some areas.


Medical Sales Rep

If you're interested in healthcare, look into a career as a pharmaceutical or medical sales rep.


Executive Assistant

Are you organized? Do you handle multiple things with ease? Check out a career as an executive assistant today.


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