12 Smart Ways to Make Your Graduation Money Work for Your Future

The average college graduate receives $1,847 worth of cash and gifts from family and friends. While it’s tempting to splurge all of it, your future self will thank you for spending it wisely.

Don’t worry. With these 12 smart spending strategies, you’ll still be able to treat yourself while learning to be financially responsible.

1. Buy discounted gift cards for big purchases

If you’re going to make a big purchase like a new TV or laptop, consider buying a discount gift card to save money! Raise is one of many online marketplaces connecting people looking to sell their unwanted gift cards.

2. Shop Through Cash-back Apps

Back in your parent’s day, there were coupons. Today there are cash-back apps. Check out a cash-back app before you make your next purchase.

3. Keep Control Over Your Spending

Research has found that people tend to overspend when using debit or credit cards. If you’re starting to feel like your spending is out of control, try shopping with cash.

4. Set Yourself Up to Cook at Home

There’s nothing wrong with eating out here or there, but eating out every day and grabbing expensive coffee every morning is sure to bust your budget.

5. Consider a Season or Annual Pass

Are you a frequent visitor to an amusement park, museum, ski resort, or board game cafe? Consider buying an annual pass instead of sporadic day tickets to save money over the course of a year.

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