12 Ideas on How  to Travel for  Free (Almost) In 2021

There's nothing better than a good vacation. Well...maybe a free one.  Keep reading to discover our proven methods to travel for free (almost).

Volunteer Overseas

Look into volunteering on a farm or hostel. Not only will you have a great experience, you'll get to travel .


Become a Consultant

You have something to share with the world. Many management consulting firms require domestic and international travel.


Work as an Au Pair

Do you like kids? Consider working as an Au Pair for at least a few months to travel and earn some money while you're at it.


Cash in Free Flights or Hotel Stays

Look at credit cards with travel reward options and put those points to good use with free travel.


Couch Surf

As a couch surfer you can travel frugally and meet new people. It's like a hotel booking app for couches. Just DM the host and set something up.


Leverage Your Social or Alumni Network

Ever thought about staying with a friend to get a little travel in? Well try it. If you have friends in cool locations or overseas, reach out and see about making a trip. They'll love it too.


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