The 11 Seasonal Jobs To Apply For This Holiday Season

It's 2021 and you have so many  choices to make extra income. Of course there's a traditional side job, side hustle, or something seasonal.

Stay out of debt, learn a new skill, or try something new by getting a side job to pay all of your holiday bills. Keep reading for our top seasonal jobs this holiday season 2021.

If you're not into direct customer service consider a job in a warehouse. You'll get some good exercise on your feet and make great money.

1. Warehouse Employee

If you don't mind driving or a little traffic, look into being a holiday driver for the season.  You can deliver holiday packages or drive people around, while making money.

2. Holiday Driver

Pick up a few clients who need social media marketing help. You just might start a side gig that extends beyond the holiday.

3. Social Media Marketer

If you love furry friends, maybe you can be a dog walker or pet sitter. It's a real thing. Set up your own business on

4. Dog Walking

If you love social media and have a good following, lots of brands will pay you to be a brand ambassador. Get paid to promote the things you already love.

5. Brand Ambassador

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